Located on the banks of the Moscova River, is the capital and most populous city of Russia, fascinating, full of history and incredible places to visit. The soul of the city, definitely is the Red Square, from where the main streets leave in all directions, it is the most important and famous of the whole city and it is not for less, between its dimensions and the architectural wonders that are around it. You can visit it at any time of the day, but I think it is better to do it very early when there are few people or at dusk when everything is illuminated and its environment becomes even more magical. You can also choose a café or a terrace, like the one at the Ritz Carlton Hotel where you do not need to be a guest to be there and have spectacular views of the Plaza.

It is worthwhile to sit down for a moment and delight yourself with what is around and then get to know each of the monuments. St Basil´s Cathedral is surely the most classic of the whole square and is a symbol of the city, it stands out above with its explosion of color. It may seem more spectacular on the outside than on the inside, since it is divided into 9 chapels and the dimensions inside are much smaller, even so it is worth entering, you can buy the tickets right there because the official website is only in Russian.

After getting to know the Red Square, passing through the National History Museum, the Lenin Mausoleum and the GUM department store, you have to go through the wall to enter one of the most impressive artistic ensembles in the world, the Kremlin, the pearl of the capital that you cannot miss. Dedicate it a few hours: visit the museum, it’s old Dormition Cathedral and enjoy the magnificent walk through its gardens, the beauty of the place will impress you. Being the center of political power in Russia, the Kremlin has very strict laws so do not stray from the marked itinerary and follow the instructions of the soldiers or they will attract your attention.

In the surroundings of the Kremlin, unfold the great avenues in which social, cultural and political life are concentrated. Moscow is a city that you can enjoy walking through several places, I recommend Arbat Street: it is a pedestrian street and one of the oldest. It has a creative and dynamic atmosphere, a place where painters, artisans and street musicians traditionally gather. There are craft shops where you can buy a typical matrioska, national sweets, souvenirs and variety of restaurants, many of local cuisine of nations of the former Soviet Union, such as the Vostochny Kvartal where in a relaxed atmosphere you can taste delicious dishes typical of Uzbekistan.

Another must-see in the city is the Metro, also known as the “underground or poor´s palace.” It is so spectacular in its architecture and artistic details that has made it become a place of interest and an experience of a trip, not just for transfer. Each station has its own style with a rich decoration in various materials, such as bronze, marble, granite and even porcelain. Among the most favorite are the stations of Komsomolskaya and Slavyansky Bulvar.

And if we talk about museums, in Moscow there are countless of them and it would be impossible to visit them all. One very curious that I recommend is hidden 65 meters under the streets, it is the Tagansky Nuclear Bunker or Bunker 42 built during the fifties under the orders of Stalin as a refuge. Tour guides are disguised as agents of the KGB, explain what would have happened before a nuclear attack and there is even the possibility of testing the nuclear survival equipment and the KGB uniforms.

If you want to visit one of the most important theaters in the world, you should include the Bolshoi Theater in your list of places. Even for those who are not great lovers of ballet, theater or opera, the unique atmosphere of the Bolshoi guarantees that all the audience is captivated. You can go to a show buying tickets online or at the ticket office or attend a one-hour guided tour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, tickets are purchased the same day directly at the Theater. Leaving from there take a coffee in one of the terraces of the old TSUM shopping center or walk about 15 minutes to the famous Pushkin Café located in a beautiful three-story building where prices rise as you go up, but it’s worth it, It is as if you were transported to another century and you will surely eat very well.

If you have the opportunity, in addition to walking around the city, I recommend you take a boat trip on the Moscova River in the morning, it is very pleasant and you can see the city from another perspective. You can see these and many more points of interest that Moscow has saved us. Keep in mind before traveling that most countries need a visa, so it is important to check the requirements in advance and do the procedure. Call us to help you organize your visit!