Yosemite is one of the most visited national parks in the United States, certainly the reference park of the state of California. It is located 300 km east of San Francisco, and extends along the mountain range of Sierra Nevada.

Yosemite is a vast Natural Park, whose most known area is the Glacier Valley, the first thing you will find upon entering is a detour to one of the most famous viewpoints in the area, the Tunnel View. From this point you can see much of the valley and the impressive granite walls, with mythical peaks like El Capitan, a gigantic almost vertical wall that will take your breath away. Only in February, here we can see the phenomenon called fire cataract, when the sun reflects a thin ray of light and turns it luminous as if it were fiery lava. Next to it is the Half Dome, another hill of light gray granite, the delight of the climbers, you can walk to the top also along a long trail to get the best views of the park. From here you can also see the two most famous waterfalls in the park: Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls and Mirror Lake, a small lake that is the best place to contemplate the Half Dome.

The ideal is to be able to go in spring when the flow of the falls is at its best, it is a breathtaking spectacle of nature and force, then reduce its volume of water until almost disappears. It is worth walking along a path and approaching.

You can walk the park in car or there is free bus service that take you to the different points of interest. Two days will be sufficient to know a good part although you could spend full days hiking, there is an extensive network of routes that run through the valley, from simple walks along the valley to great crossings or climbing. Everything is very well marked and indicated, there is also a place for the solitude and the tranquility that nature gives you. In terms of accommodation there are several modalities inside the park: the hotel, the cabins or the tents.

In winter it is necessary to note that great part of the park does not have access to some of the zones more interesting by the closure of roads and trails due to inclement weather, like the one of Tioga Road or Mariposa Road, right here is Mariposa Grove a beautiful corner that you definitely cannot miss, you will find a forest of giant redwoods, trees of great antiquity that happen to be the greatest living beings of the planet, you can feel very small when you are in front of them.

Definitely a park you cannot miss if you visit eastern California. Call us, at Lifestyle Travel Network we help you make your trip something special.

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