First United States national park with an area of ​​almost 9,000 kilometers, mostly located in Wyoming, a large plateau at more than 2,400 meters and surrounded by mountains that are worth visiting between May and September so as not to find it almost frozen. To move around Yellowstone there is an eight-way, two-way circuit called Grand Loop Road that gives access to all the important places. You may get stuck for a while if a herd of bison passes by, but you will have the reward of seeing these impressive animals up close.

Yellowstone is in an area of ​​continuous volcanic activity: geysers, hot springs and fumaroles is something you have to see, especially you cannot miss the King of the park: the Old Faithful, one of the most famous geysers that expels boiling water every hour for 5 minutes and reaches heights of up to 75 meters. The “Old Faithful”, named for being the most regular, is a visual spectacle even if it is not the most spectacular. If you have time, go to the Old Faithful Visitor Center where you will find information that may be useful in your visit to the park, as well as the clock that indicates the waiting time for the next eruption of the geyser

Another must-see is the Grand Prismatic Spring that is among the largest thermal springs in the world, it is like a large pool of boiling water of colors, which I assure you will leave you with your mouth open. It is worth taking a moment to see it from afar to appreciate its immensity, for this you have to go to parking 2 that gives access to the road called Fairy Falls Trail and takes you to the foot of the hill to which you must climb to see it in all its fullness. Then also go through parking 1 and surround it to continue enjoying its charm.

Another place that you should dedicate a good time is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, is the place by which the park is named, whose walls are a characteristic yellow color. In this place you will find the surprising Upper and Lower falls, waterfalls of 33 and 94 meters high, it´s power will surely impacts you. There are several points from where you can see, such as the Uncle’s Tom point, right next to the fall of the Lower Falls and the Artist and Inspiration point, slightly further away with a good perspective view of the entire canyon. If you like adventure, in the Yellowstone River you can also do activities such as rafting, zip-lines or crossing over hanging bridges

And if you want to appreciate the wild life of the Park, you must get up early and launch yourself into the Lamar Valley, an extensive plain where bison, wapiti, coyotes, wolves or American antelopes are some of the animals that enjoy this fertile land on the banks of the Lamar River. Do not forget to take a telescope or binoculars because the road is far from where the animals are, although there will always be one nearby that will surprise you.

If you want to pause your visit to the park, you can do it for a drink at Lake Hotel Dinig Room  where from May to October you can do any of the meals enjoying the scenery on the shore of Yellowstone Lake; if it is for dinner I recommend you make a reservation.

Yellowstone is not just a cluster of “attractions” where you park the car and will see the show on duty, Yellowstone is alive and each section hides things: a lush forest, a green meadow immense, a stretch of mountain … I recommend you drive slowly and stop each time your gaze is distracted from the road to the landscape.

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