The capital of the United States, is a destination that does not always appear in the recommendations of places to know in that country, but it is really worth the visit. The city is not only the seat of political power, it is also one of the sites with the best museums in the world and with many interesting places to visit in the surroundings; so you can know the history of the country and the characters that marked it through its emblematic monuments, memorials, parks and more. It is a unique city in the United States, since it does not have skyscrapers, but stands out as one of the cleanest and tidiest.

In addition, it is a relatively easy city to travel, you can rent a bike and follow some of the routes offered or do it on foot, you have almost all the interesting places concentrated in the area of ​​the National Mall, place where you can walk calmly and enjoy a coffee on a terrace or a sunset lying on the grass. The park covers an area of ​​59 hectares and is usually full of people who go there to enjoy this green space in the open air. Surely you will visit it several times, since it is a huge space that goes from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial, having in the middle the Washington Monument and around other monuments, memorials and museums that you cannot miss.

*Washington Monument

This great white obelisk of 170 meters high was built in honor of the first president of the United States, George Washington. The monument, located almost in the center of the National Mall, has an elevator to go up to the top, from which you will have the best views of the city, especially the White House that is on the side and you can only see away since if you wanted to visit it you have to process an application through the Embassy of your country between 21 days and 3 months before the visit, which will be free and guided.
Washington Monument

* Museums of the Smithsonian Institute

The National Mall is surrounded by the largest museum complex in the world and you will need a lot of time if you want to visit them all, but you have to choose what most interests you among 19 museums and galleries, plus the Zoo that is a little further north, the entrance everyone is free, you just have to take into account that the African American Museum, requires entry passes scheduled for certain peak hours and in high season (March to August); so the only limitation is time.

Among the most popular are The National Air and Space Museum which is a classic, with a spectacular display of aviation and space exploration. The Museum of Natural History is another classic, in whose visit you will find a collection of plants and animals from around the world. In the National Museum of the American Indian the experience transports you completely to another era.
Museums of the Smithsonian Institute

* Lincoln Memorial

This monument was built to honor Abraham Lincoln, one of the presidents who made the United States great, abolishing slavery and modernizing the economy, among many other things. The Greek-inspired building has a large statue of Lincoln 6 meters high sitting in front of two panels with his best known speeches, plus a plaque on the stairs in memory of the famous speech “I have a dream” that gave here Martin Luther King in 1963. This is a good place to sit and wait for sunset while you watch the obelisk in the Reflecting Pool any day of the year.
Lincoln Memorial

* Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Located on the shores of Tidal Basin, which is surrounded by cherry trees donated by Japan, so in spring it is a great show to see them bloom. Dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, one of the most important characters in American history, you will find the bronze sculpture of this father of the nation with a height of 6 meters, inside a neoclassical white building with beautiful and imposing columns and its dome. I recommend strolling at sunset along the Potomac River to the Basin, from where you will have magnificent views of the Memorial.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

*The Capitol

It houses some of the most important buildings for the government of the nation, among which are the two chambers of the United States Congress, here the political power of the country is concentrated and stands out on the city’s skyline due to its huge dome of an impeccable white. Inside, the room of the Capitol Roundabout, located under the large dome and in which you can see a large collection of art and sculptures of historical figures. You can visit it any day of the week except for Sunday, either on your own or with a guided tour; at the end of the visit, you will cross an underground passage to see the impressive Library of Congress, one of the largest in the world.

If you have more time in the city there are other interesting monuments and memorials like the World War II, Vietnam and Korean Veterans Memorials, the Martin Luther King Memorial and the Albert Einstein Memorial.
The Capitol

* Georgetown

It is the historic district of the city, which stands out for its beautiful colorful houses, shops and charming cafes. It stands out without a doubt the Waterfront Park, which stretches along the banks of the Potomac River, with lots of green areas to rest or exercise, has a designated path for cyclists, skaters and pedestrians, from where you can enjoy the views of the river boats, the Key Bridge and the Theodore Roosevelt Island.

* Arlington Cemetery

Although it is already part of the state of Virginia, on the other side of the Potomac River, veterans of all wars are buried, from the Independence War to the Iraq War. Visit the memorial dedicated to the victims of the attacks of September 11, the tomb of Kennedy and the Tomb of the Unknowns. The endless rows of white tombstones on the grass, each with the name of the soldier and the war in which he participated, will be one of the images you will never forget. Do not miss the change of guard that is done every hour.

From here you can have a good perspective to see The Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense of the United States that can only be seen from the outside.

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