In the Central Coast of Chile 128 km northwest of Santiago is the so-called Ciudad Jardín, named for its beaches surrounded by large green areas. The short distance that separates it from the capital, facilitates the attendance of visitors and has become one of the favorite destinations of national and foreign tourism, since it has many corners that make it attractive, especially its extensive coastal edge, in which alternate kilometers of beaches, promenades and rocks. This is ideal to walk, enjoying the breathtaking views offered by the Pacific Ocean, and the many restaurants, terraces, craft fairs and other entertainment venues that congregate around the waterfront.

A good way to do the tour, is always walking to the north. Along the promenade, its name and surroundings change, starting with La Marina, then the famous Peru Avenue with its immense rocks, to the beautiful beaches and residential buildings that follow along the stretches known as San Martín and Jorge Montt.

Reñaca Beach, with several kilometers of extension, is THE spa, where you undoubtedly have to lie on the sand. Although the water is very cold, there are always people who dare to swim or play sports. Always full and with a cordial and lively atmosphere, its surroundings are inhabited by hotels, restaurants and boutiques. At night it offers a good option of fun also with several nightclubs working until the wee hours of the morning, especially during the summer season.

Another beautiful beach of Viña, but more tranquil and familiar is Costa Cochoa, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, I advise you to be there at the time of sunset so that you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets of the city. In general, all beaches have services running during the summer, allowing to rent chairs, umbrellas or enjoy drinks.

At the foot of Cerro Castillo there is a picturesque detail that has become a symbol of the city, Viña has a very original and colorful installation: it is the Flower Clock, come from Switzerland and built entirely from flowers of different colors and working with an elaborate computer system, which allows to give the current time.

Another place that deserves to be visited is the Wülff Castle, a historic monument located on a steep terrain facing the sea. If you go to the viewpoint of its tower, the view over the ocean, the marine horizon, and a good part of the buildings that overlook the sea, is absolutely magnificent.

Viña also has an old Casino, located in a very elegant building, visible from the coast. At night, its illuminated silhouette is part of the characteristic landscape of the coast. Here is a hotel and a restaurant cafe. The place deserves the visit, even if only to admire its imposing building surrounded by elegant gardens or to enjoy a wide variety of slot machines, gaming tables and shows.

Like most of Viña’s attractions, the old Vergara Pier is located on the riverbank. Built at the end of the 19th century and partly destroyed by a fire, the pier is indeed a monument of the city; every sunset, this is the framework of an extraordinary postcard.

You cannot miss the amphitheater of Quinta Vergara, the venue for the most important musical event in Latin America: the famous song festival that takes place every year at the end of February. It is located inside a very nice park and one of the green lungs of the city, where you can also enjoy walks in the shade of huge trees and outdoor sculptures. Another of the unmissable tours for those who seek outdoor activities, is the visit to the Botanical Garden, a space for the conservation of typical plant species in the area. Besides the possibility of discovering them, the garden allows a series of activities, such as hiking on multiple paths, passing through lagoons, bridges and caves, environmental education circuits, canoe trips or enjoy a picnic in one of the areas prepared for it. Viña del Mar combines the harmony between its beaches, culture, gastronomy and entertainment, do not miss visiting it when you go to Santiago.

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