“Pueblo Magico” located in the Bay of Banderas, south of the Mexican state of Nayarit. Its cobblestone streets, the colors that decorate the houses, the blue beach that is drawn as a goal at the end of the tour and its eco-tourism activities will confirm that you have reached an exceptional corner of the country, characterized by a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and good vibes. It is definitely a good combination of perfect waves, beach and fun.

The Sayulita beach is a perfect place to visit with friends or family, to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. The main one is quiet most of the time, you can relax on a bed, swim or take walks, the horse ride is something very popular too; I recommend you do it very early or in the afternoon, avoid it at noon, because the sun becomes a martyrdom. Crossing the pantheon, you will reach “Playa de los Muertos” and you will find much tranquility, the sea here is meek, the snorkel is magnificent and the walks are lovely.

Favorite of local or foreign surfers: If you are experienced take advantage of the high waves in the afternoon to test your skills on the table, or if you want to learn, this is also your place, you will find both specialized schools and people who will guide you with pleasure through the calmer waters, I recommend you do it in the morning. There are different surf shops where you can buy different products, from t-shirts, boards, shorts to swimwear. Many of these places also offer rental of equipment and classes. I recommend Lunazul, the staff is friendly and everyone is willing to provide support when you need it, always taking care of your safety and ensuring lots of fun so you can learn to go up the waves like a professional.

You have to take time to enjoy the main square of Sayulita, there are several shops, bars, cafes and restaurants around, of course its infallible kiosk and a small church on one side and that constitutes the spiritual center of the population. Art cannot be absent, you will also find several galleries of art and Mexican crafts from all over the country. Since it is a small place, you can really find everything a few blocks away, but if you prefer more comfort, you can rent a golf cart to move from one place to another. Do not forget to go through the town market that is put every Friday. Around 80 merchants gather to spread the spirit of this magical town through its products. You can find coffee, crafts, and even organic products that were produced by the sellers themselves. Enlivened by live music and an extraordinary atmosphere, this point stands out every weekend in the streets of Sayulita.

Being an area close to the beach, the typical gastronomy includes seafood-based dishes, such as zarandeado fish, prepared on a burnt dry wood tray, which provides a special smoked that will leave you wanting to try more. If you want to make a sea food meal in an informal environment and at reasonable prices, one of the best options in Sayulita is Estrella de Mar or if you want a good lobster or seafood pizza do not miss visiting Don Pedro’s. In addition there are several local snacks that you have to try, such as the soporrondongo, a small tamale that is prepared with fried corn masa. But if you want to try something you will not find anywhere else, here are several drinks of great local tradition: the posi (which is prepared with corn dough, tuna and sugar), la cuala (a mixture of coconut, ground oil, milk and mass), the tuba, the tejuino, the coconut water and the nanche water. Go ahead and try!

If you like the party, this will also be your destination, every afternoon you will find places where there are cumbia sessions and lots of fun. There is no excuse for not visit Sayulita and feeling its good vibes hippie chic.

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