There is no doubt that there is no waterfall in the world so visited, photographed, painted or commented on as it is, even though it is not the highest or the largest, but it is spectacular because of the large amount of water it registers. Since they are on the border between the United States and Canada, you can have a view from both countries and being such a busy place is provided with good infrastructure to do so. Here I will tell you the best places to do it.

The views from Canada are more frontal and direct. There are fantastic hotels (many with views), casinos, shopping centers and the fun leisure area of ​​Clifton Hill, the street near the falls and the Niagara River that is full of gift shops, museums, arcades, restaurants, hotels and themed attractions.

On the United States side, the environment of the falls is integrated into a State Park and the experience is much calmer and more natural. There are many green areas, beautiful islands, paths abound and excellent viewpoints that offer us a closer view of the force of the water, although with more lateral views.

At Prospect Point you will have a panoramic view of the American side. There is an observation tower, but it is best to go down to the foot of the water and being here you cannot miss a ride on the Maid of the Mist boat that will allow you to approach the fall of the water, it will be almost impossible not to wet between the mist of fine drops and the wind that produces the fall, but it will be worth it and fortunately you will be provided with a raincoat that will lighten it; It is usually open between the end of April and the beginning of November.

In Canada from the Skylon Tower you can see from the observatory or reserve a table to dine and see them at night, the falls are illuminated and they change color with very well achieved effects, it is spectacular.

Also on the Canadian side you can see the falls from behind all year round at the Journey Behind the Falls attraction, the visit consists of a descent in an elevator about 40 meters to the levels of lower tunnels, with access to two observation points: two large balconies from which you can almost touch the water with your hand, as they are under the fall. It’s a great experience, the din is huge and the network of tunnels and dark corridors makes the ride very exciting.

Another way to see this natural wonder is from the air, you will have another perspective: get on the Whirpool Aero car, an old cable car that offers spectacular views of the rapids of the Niagara River from a semi-open cabin suspended on a cable or you can fly over the falls in helicopter, thus acquires a new dimension, you can see perfectly its horseshoe shape, the volume of water it transports and its colossal power, as well as admiring the whole environment.

Definitely, a natural wonder that you have to live at least once in life on the side you want.

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