The so-called International Capital of Wine is located at the foot of the Andes in western Argentina, it is a city with nice and quiet people, very enterprising and with a great vocational orientation to tourism: they love to teach the wealth of their province and the secrets that it keeps.

Each season of the year has its particular charm to be visited, you just have to choose the season of the year that best suits you to enjoy the Mendocinian lands. In summer there are many attractions for tourism as there is the National Vendimia Festival. In winter it has the attraction of hosting the Mendoza snow season, which starts in July and ends in September, allowing you to enjoy the ski centers located near the city, such as Cerro Penitentes and Las Leñas. However, traveling in spring or autumn is highly recommended if you are looking for a better climate, the temperatures are much more pleasant and less extreme, and it has a particular charm due to the enormous number of trees that exist within its boundaries. Thus Mendoza is dressed in different shades of yellow, green and orange, in autumn and flowery in spring. It also represents not only a more relaxed and relaxed travel experience for tourists, but also an important saving compared to the high season months during summer and winter.

The city is the ideal starting point for excursions to the important tourist attractions of the province, but before leaving you have to walk it: You can know the history and culture of the place both in its museums and cultural centers and in its squares, public buildings and cafeterias. The center is surrounded by trees and its streets are quiet and safe. The city is small so it invites you to walk with its tree-lined streets, I recommend you do it along the pedestrian Sarmiento, it is full of cafes, restaurants and pubs on both sides, you can enjoy any terrace and take advantage of visiting the main squares: Independence – which marks the center of the city -, Spain, Italy, Chile and San Martin, are perfect for a break. If you want a panoramic view of the city, I recommend you go up Cerro de la Gloria, through San Martín General Park you can do it by car or by some path, there are many viewpoints and the sunset from there is spectacular. Also in the Park there is a zoo and the amphitheater where the harvest festival is celebrated. Do not miss to visit also the Foundational Area, the Central Park and the Civic District.

Encouraging the adventure of rafting is perhaps the activity most requested by tourists during the summer. The province offers zigzagging and fast flowing rivers according to the 4 levels of difficulty between which this sport is divided so there are ideal places according to how much experience you have. Another highly recommended activity in these places are the hot springs, there is no better way to relax than having a day spa in the thermal baths of Cacheuta. You can swim in the natural pools, perfectly integrated into the natural environment that surrounds them, while you admire the beauty of the Andean mountain range and of course, tasting the delicacies offered by the cuisine.

Going through the roads of wine in Argentina is a way of knowing the immense range of flavors and geography that the country has. Undoubtedly, one of the obligatory trips of Mendoza is to make a complete tour in one of the vineyards included in the Wine Circuit. There are many wineries to choose from, where in many places the owner of the place receives you and shows you the traditional Mendoza wine making and its facilities, ending with a wine tasting. In some you can even stay to eat, they prepare different tasting menus that besides getting wrapped up in the Argentine gastronomy, it allows you to meet other travelers.

Some wineries offer accommodation of all kinds (romantic, luxurious, rustic) and it is truly sensational; if your plan is to enjoy the rural area of ​​the area is the best option. But if you want to enjoy the city, visit the nightlife and have easy access, I recommend you to stay in the urban area of ​​Mendoza.

To get to the wineries you can choose different transports, one that has become very popular and characteristic of the area is the Wine Bus, where you can go walking through different wineries in Mendoza, make guided tours of the vineyards, tastings and buy wines. The bus works with the Hop On & Hop Off system as in the big cities where you can go up and down during the day with the same ticket and each one chooses the wineries you want to visit. You can also choose to do the bike tour, in the area of ​​Maipú is the famous Mr Hugo Bikes, which has a lot of bicycles in good condition for you to enjoy a great day in the vineyards and together with his wife will give you a great service.

If you travel to Mendoza at the end of February or the beginning of March, you will be able to attend the Vendimia Festival. It is the most important celebration of Mendoza that consists of several days, in which the people of Mendoza are grateful for the harvest of the grape each year and commemorates the effort and work of the vineyard. The festival includes shows, parades of floats and visits to wineries and vineyards.

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