The Maori settlement that existed in New Zealand hundreds of years ago is still alive in the daily life of the inhabitants of this beautiful country, and the Maori people comprise 14% of the total Neo Zeland population, if you notice this culture and its traditions, there are different places where you can find Maori dances, presentations, art, Maori welcome, Maori meeting venues and places where you will learn to speak and distinguish the Maori language, some of these at the Auckland Museum. Auckland also has European, Polynesian and Asian influence.

To learn a little more about the city and its architectural influences, you can attend the Auckland Art Gallery, which is a public project that is distinguished by including the restoration and adaptation of historic buildings in the city and the redesign of neighboring areas of the Albert Park.

In Auckland, you can enjoy hundreds of activities in the snow, you can go up by helicopter to ski, and in the water, you can watch whales and other sea creatures out of the ordinary. Auckland is a city made up of different islands located in the Hauraki Gulf and the Tasman Sea, where the Manukau Port is located, which is recognized as the largest natural harbor in New Zealand. But returning to the theme of the activities, you can enjoy yacht or boat rides, kayak paddling, fishing, hiking, parachute jumping or bungee jumping. One of the unusual activities and full of adrenaline in the city of Auckland is bungee jumping from the Sky Tower, which is the tallest tower in the city, which measures 328 meters high and inside it you can find casinos, restaurants, exquisite cafes and bars.

Auckland has a fairly extensive volcanic area, and although all the volcanoes are already dead, that is, without volcanic activity. But a few kilometers away is a city called Rotorua, where you will find the largest geothermal activity in all of New Zealand.

Auckland is an ecological destination, you can visit the Tiritiri Matangi reserve, where you can meet different birds in danger of extinction. You can do ecosafaris to meet marine animals such as dolphins, Bryde’s whales or orcas from the Hauraki Gulf.

We also recommend visiting Rainbow’s End Theme Park, which has more than 20 attractions for kids and adults, some of the most striking for tourists are: Stratosfear, Log Flume and Pirate Ship.

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